Lego Indy 2 Coming to Xbox

I’ve been a big fan of the Lego series of games – Lego Star Wars, Lego, Indiana Jones, and Lego Batman. My family has enjoyed playing each and everyone.  When Lego Guitar Hero was announced, I was excited but also a little worried.  I like Guitar Hero as well, but I don’t think a Lego version of it will be on par with what my family and me have come to expect from Lego.  So I was pretty happy to hear that there was a follow up being made to the Lego Indy game, this has to be my favourite of all the Lego titles so far.  I haven’t seen a date on when this is expected, but I’m personally hoping that it’s before the holidays!  


I would really like to see Lego take on Spiderman, Hulk, or maybe even some TV series like the x-files or A-Team. The word on the ‘net is that there is a Harry Potter version in the works. I haven’t been much of a fan of Harry so this doesn’t really excite me much. Perhaps the game will be good even if I don’t know anything about the characters.  Right now, it’s all about Lego Indy.   So Lego,  Is it ready yet?  What about now? 

(Read more about this announcement over at Joystiq)

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One Comment on "Lego Indy 2 Coming to Xbox"

  1. Dana
    31/03/2013 at 9:47 am Permalink

    lego indy for life!

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