Understanding What Happened Around Here

The old Mike.Temporale.com blog was powered by Telligent’s Community Server.  While Community Server may be a good platform for large organizations, it’s not much good for a personal blog.  I was running an older version, and I did want to upgrade, however there was no direct upgrade path from the version I was running.  There was also no way to export my content from that version.  I had to upgrade to get that functionality and as I already mentioned, upgrading wasn’t an easy task. :-(  The biggest issue was the size of the database and it’s logging.  The transaction log would grow at an incredible rate, and while this wasn’t an issue while I hosted it on my own servers, it quickly became an issue once I moved it to a 3d party hosting company.  I found that I had to truncate and compact the database every month or so just to keep the size under their limit.

So all of that takes us to this point – the all new Mike.Temporale.com running on the ever popular WordPress engine. WordPress has a solid track record and is extremely flexible and customizable through countless plugins.

On a less-geeky and more personal note, I’m looking forward to posting more here. I’ll be keeping all my mobile related rants to Mobile Jaw, but the rest of my thoughts, complaints, and other ramblings will appear here. :-)

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