Another Wonderful Cottage Vacation

We just got back from another wonderful cottage vacation. The kids always have so much fun at the lake and it’s a great time for us to relax and enjoy life a little. There was a little concern that the weather would continue it’s rainy and gloomy path of the last couple weeks.  Thankfully the days were nice and warm.  The wind may have been a little strong for a couple of the early days, but otherwise it was perfect.

I think my wife might have actually snapped more pictures than me this trip.  I was having a lot of fun with the Nikon D60’s continuous shooting mode. I managed to take 66 images in 1 minute. I had loaded the camera with a 8GB MicroSD card allowing me something like 1200+ pictures. In total we managed to take about 600 images in a week. Most of them of the kids playing and I’m sure I can find one or two that can be deleted. ;)

Here’s a couple of my favourite shots. The first is a picture of the canoe just sitting off to the side waiting to be used.  We did manage to get it out a couple times and the kids had a blast.  Especially when I managed to tip it over – the water was a little too rough for canoeing. Thankfully, we didn’t get more than a couple feet from shore.

We had a couple good camp fire nights, and on one of those nights, we had some sparklers for the kids.  This is a shot of me re-lighting a sparkler that went out too soon.  This was taken in the darkness with the only source of light being A) the moon, B) the campfire, and C) the lighter in my hand.  I really like how it turned out.

On that same night, after the kids were in bed and the fire was out, I was amazed at how bright the moon appeared to be.  This is a picture of the water washing up on the beach under the light of just the moon.  The shutter was open a long time for this shot – luckily, I had my tri-pod handy.

This next picture is a shot my wife took from the boat.  It’s a “cottage” that’s going in just down the beach from us.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I would consider a cottage get-away! Still, I imagine the view of the sunsets will be breath-taking from the top floor. If you’re wondering about scale, that is a full size cement truck down on the beach.

I always try and take a picture of the sunset whenever I’m up at the cottage. Sometimes I can’t because of the rain or cloud cover, but I still try.  Here’s my favourite sunset shot from this trip.

Here’s another picture that my wife snapped.  This is a cloud picture, but if you look to the left hand side of the clouds, you will see what appears to be a cloud wearing sunglasses.  If anyone saw the Pixar short film that played before Up, then you might consider this as proof that Pixar was on to something with that short film. ;)

And to wrap up, here’s a couple quick shots of the kids buried up to their armpits in the sand and one of yours truly.  :)



That’s a warp on our cottage vacation 2009 edition. With any luck we’ll be back up for a couple days here and there.  But I’m already looking forward to next year. :) Now it’s back to work with the day job and finishing up those reviews on MobileJaw. Fun time is over for now.

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2 Comments on "Another Wonderful Cottage Vacation"

  1. Remo Knops
    10/08/2009 at 2:17 am Permalink

    Hi Mike,

    You have taken some great pictures during your holidays ! The last one however looks very evil … ;o)

    Talk to you soon my friend !

    // Remo Knops

  2. Rob
    03/02/2010 at 3:25 pm Permalink

    Kids are getting big!

    Glad to see you are getting some cottage time-summer is not too far away now.

    Hope all is well.

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