Olympic Kick off at the Temporale House

I’ve been looking forward to this since the end of the Beijing Olympics a couple years ago. Finally it is upon us – Today’s the big day!  I’ve been a big fan of the Olympics for a while now, and I got the kids hooked too.  My daughter started about 4 years ago, but it didn’t really kick in until a Beijing when my son was old enough to watch as well.  We’re all gathering around the tube tonight to watch the opening ceremonies.

It’s been a lot fun getting to this point. We were able to catch the Olympic torch as it passed through our city. My son and I got a chance to meet a local Olympian – John Wood, who had carried the torch and then hung around to talk with the community. He even had his silver medal on hand and was passing it around to the children. My son was really excited to meet an Olympian and to see a real medal in person. And to be honest, so was I. :)

The kids didn’t really understand what all this torch stuff was about at that time. But now that we’ve been following it across the map, we’re all looking forward to it being carried into the stadium tonight. Still wondering who will be the person to light the torch.

Got some pictures below that I took during the torch relay in downtown Oakville.

Best of luck to all the athletes. Go Canada! and Go Vancouver!





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