Just another geek roaming the internet posting thoughts and rants on various topics.  Mike.Temporale.com is my personal blog where I will ramble on about life, family, and the regular daily grind.

I also run another web site called Mobile Jaw, where I write reviews, articles, and various thoughts about mobility in general. While I try to avoid posting the daily news, it does creep in from time to time.  While I don’t have the free time to keep up with daily news postings anymore, some of them are just too exciting to pass up.

In early 2007, I joined forces with some friends and started CntrStg (pronounced Center Stage) where companies can meet with community leaders and influencers in a casual environment without the hassle of running up and down the strip.  If you’re planning to attend CES, check out the CntrStg site and be sure to register.

Prior to starting Mobile Jaw…  For over 4 years, I was the Managing Editor on Smartphone Thoughts – an online community dedicated to Windows Mobile devices without touch screens, where I authored over 2,200 news-related posts along with numerous columns, articles, and reviews.