The Count from Sesame Street Gets Censored

I was reminded of this video the other day and thought I would link it here for everyone to enjoy. If you’ve got kids, there’s a bunch of kid shows that are censored on YouTube – some good, some not so.  All are funny and will keep you thinking when you next see that show or hear that tune. Enjoy!

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Another Wonderful Cottage Vacation

We just got back from another wonderful cottage vacation. The kids always have so much fun at the lake and it’s a great time for us to relax and enjoy life a little. There was a little concern that the weather would continue it’s rainy and gloomy path of the last couple weeks.  Thankfully the days were nice and warm.  The wind may have been a little strong for a couple of the early days, but otherwise it was perfect.

I think my wife might have actually snapped more pictures than me this trip.  I was having a lot of fun with the Nikon D60’s continuous shooting mode. I managed to take 66 images in 1 minute. I had loaded the camera with a 8GB MicroSD card allowing me something like 1200+ pictures. In total we managed to take about 600 images in a week. Most of them of the kids playing and I’m sure I can find one or two that can be deleted. ;)

Here’s a couple of my favourite shots. The first is a picture of the canoe just sitting off to the side waiting to be used.  We did manage to get it out a couple times and the kids had a blast.  Especially when I managed to tip it over – the water was a little too rough for canoeing. Thankfully, we didn’t get more than a couple feet from shore.

We had a couple good camp fire nights, and on one of those nights, we had some sparklers for the kids.  This is a shot of me re-lighting a sparkler that went out too soon.  This was taken in the darkness with the only source of light being A) the moon, B) the campfire, and C) the lighter in my hand.  I really like how it turned out.

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Lego Indy 2 Coming to Xbox

I’ve been a big fan of the Lego series of games – Lego Star Wars, Lego, Indiana Jones, and Lego Batman. My family has enjoyed playing each and everyone.  When Lego Guitar Hero was announced, I was excited but also a little worried.  I like Guitar Hero as well, but I don’t think a Lego version of it will be on par with what my family and me have come to expect from Lego.  So I was pretty happy to hear that there was a follow up being made to the Lego Indy game, this has to be my favourite of all the Lego titles so far.  I haven’t seen a date on when this is expected, but I’m personally hoping that it’s before the holidays!  


I would really like to see Lego take on Spiderman, Hulk, or maybe even some TV series like the x-files or A-Team. The word on the ‘net is that there is a Harry Potter version in the works. I haven’t been much of a fan of Harry so this doesn’t really excite me much. Perhaps the game will be good even if I don’t know anything about the characters.  Right now, it’s all about Lego Indy.   So Lego,  Is it ready yet?  What about now? 

(Read more about this announcement over at Joystiq)

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Understanding What Happened Around Here

The old blog was powered by Telligent’s Community Server.  While Community Server may be a good platform for large organizations, it’s not much good for a personal blog.  I was running an older version, and I did want to upgrade, however there was no direct upgrade path from the version I was running.  There was also no way to export my content from that version.  I had to upgrade to get that functionality and as I already mentioned, upgrading wasn’t an easy task. :-(  The biggest issue was the size of the database and it’s logging.  The transaction log would grow at an incredible rate, and while this wasn’t an issue while I hosted it on my own servers, it quickly became an issue once I moved it to a 3d party hosting company.  I found that I had to truncate and compact the database every month or so just to keep the size under their limit.

So all of that takes us to this point – the all new running on the ever popular WordPress engine. WordPress has a solid track record and is extremely flexible and customizable through countless plugins.

On a less-geeky and more personal note, I’m looking forward to posting more here. I’ll be keeping all my mobile related rants to Mobile Jaw, but the rest of my thoughts, complaints, and other ramblings will appear here. :-)

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The All-New Mike.Temporale is Ready To Go!

There’s been a couple hiccups along the way, but what good project doesn’t have issues, right?  Everything is finally in place and ready to go – at least I think it is. I’m sure I’ll come across some minor things that need tweaking, but I’ll deal with those as things role forward.

So….  Welcome to the ALL NEW  I’ll do my best to ramble on about the world around me.  Please feel free to share your thoughts too!  And don’t forget to grab the RSS feed so you can be easily notified when I post a new rambling. :)

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